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New Year Kisses

“I like your pin badge!” exclaims the young woman at the till as I purchase my Veggie Percy Pigs (repeat that several times, fast, later on this eve – after a few celebratory Babychams). The badge being, of course, Wonder Woman. In iconic Bracelets of Victory pose (see below). “My boyfriend took me to a […]

Bleak ends of weeks

I’ve not enjoyed weekends, I think, for years. Sometimes I have something to do – something social even – and I’ll pull out the Fun Face. But that’s tiring. Generally, I sleep. In between naps, I’ll look around the messy flat and think about how I should muster myself to sort out my clothes (or […]

Thoughts and things not happending on a Friday. Yule period. 2012.

Some months ago, I broke a couple of finger bones punching a bloke* in the face.  He, and his inebriated acquaintance, attempted to topple me from, and then steal, my bicycle.  Something I wasn’t apt to allow them to do – given that my lovely road bike (currently, given the winter weather, holding coats and […]