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Cycling Ferrets

Now, fear not, for I don’t plan to blog every day, but some things worthy of note (this being about nothing ever happening) occurred today.

One being the successful bullying of a few work pals into signing up to a 75 mile bike ride (or at least, maybe, to a 10 mile training ride). So place your bets now as to how that one goes.

To be honest, I have some misgivings about dusting of the Boardman and getting all fit again. I’m kinda enjoying my current ‘fuller’ figure. I’ve decided to think of it as my ‘burlesque’ figure. I am pondering finding a sport that positively encourages roundness. Sumo, perhaps.

The other thing that’s of note, on this second day of the year, is something rather odd that happened in the night. I had a dream about a poem about Ferrets.

It went something like this:

I went, one time, to a country fayre

A pile of ferrets, I saw me there

Huddled, snuggled, cuddled


In a hammock.


I thank you.

True story; my nickname as a youngster was Ferret. Because I looked like one. Still do, actually.


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