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It begins: with the breaking of ambulances

To my shame, I called an elderly, frail man by the wrong name yesterday. Repeatedly, I called him Ronald, when his name was, well, something else. I feel very bad about this. Names are important. And people deserve to be remembered. I don’t wish to give his real name here, as it’s not right to identify him, but suffice to say I have noted it and will remember it always.

I visited ‘not-Ronald’ whilst on call as a volunteer for the ambulance service. Community First Responders we’re called. We drive (without flashy lights, which can be frustrating) to emergency calls within our community – giving vital support until the cavalry arrives. Unless, of course, you’re me, in which case you spend your time insulting patients and breaking ambulances. An example of the latter from yesterday; “No don’t undo tha… No nevermind. No it’s ok, i’ll put it back.”  and then… “Well, you might think it goes that way up, but actually it goes like this. Ah. That seems to be broken now”. These comments from a remarkably patient paramedic. Generally, I’m about as helpful as a four year old.

As for ‘not-Ronald’; he was being cared for by lovely people in a care home. I had to be called away from him to something else, but I’m most hopeful that he recovered from what ailed him. He had a fine tattoo on his ankle, i noticed; a dagger and wing motif. Methinks he served his country at some point. Power to him.

If your New Year’s Resolution includes Doing Stuff to Help Folks, you might want to look into Responding. Here’s our group: http://www.leighfirstresponders.org.uk/index.html

And we’re on Facebook too: https://www.facebook.com/Leighresponders

As are our good friends at Rayleigh: https://www.facebook.com/rayleighresponders


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