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And now for the good news…

I’d like to remind my future self that some Happy Things happened today (one was actually yesterday, but I’m an Anarchist so I’m including it anyway). They might lead nowhere, they might lead all sorts of places – I guess that’s down to me.

  • I became an Associate of the Consultation Institute. This is a Happy Thing that may lead to fun and lucrative work that helps make a positive difference to society.
  • I had a conversation with The Adventurists. (PLEASE look them up, because they are Awesomeness in a Pith Helmet: http://www.theadventurists.com) The lovely Tom left me feeling an adventure in Tibet might really happen. As he stated in a simple email: “Everything is possible”
  • Books for my second Open University module arrived: An Introduction to Social Science. This is ambitious for me as, aside from being a Bear of Little Brain, I’m attempting two modules in a year. As I have no social life, this should be fine.
  • My sister bought some toys for the cats. They’ve got bells in. (The toys, currently, not the cats. That could change later on.)
  • I ate a cake. One of those cheesecake ones that’s not a real cheesecake but has bits of coconut on it.

I’ve had worse days.


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