How do you know, where you go..?

Do you ever wonder if someone else is living your life – the life you were meant to live? Like you’ve been usurped from your own reality and are inhabiting a sort of purgatory whilst the gods figure out what they should do with you now?

Or is it just me..?

We’re pretty familiar with the concept that, each time we make a decision, we set ourselves along a particular path. Meanwhile, other versions of ourselves, in alternative universes, get to find out where all the other choices lead. I think proper physicists believe that’s fairly unlikely; but it’s fascinating philosophically. Especially when it’s midnight and you are struggling to find the neural off switch.

But what if, in this life, you make a decision that takes you down a path that upsets the greater cosmic picture? What if someone – from you own reality – is shifted in to fill the void you’ve created by wandering off somewhere you weren’t meant to go..?

If everything is already determined – as one school of thought tells us – then if you don’t follow the path determined for you, perhaps someone else has to – lest the universe implode. Which could also mean, I suppose, that at some point I could move into a spot vacated by someone else. We are all but shifting sands.

Currently, I haven’t a clue where I’m off too. It’s not so much that I’ve gone Off Road, but rather that I’m attempting to follow several paths at once. Were I a quantum particle, this would be acceptable. As I’m (apparently) human, it tends to bring on a migraine.

I’m writing, I’m studying, I’m establishing myself as a consultant, I want to get back into cycling and, at some point, I ought to restart the dog training classes that people are asking for. Is it all possible? Is any of it possible? Or are all these but dreams that give texture to an otherwise dull life – a life full of missed opportunities and wrong choices? (But then, if all really is determined, perhaps the thought that I could ever have made other choices is simply illusion.)

Perhaps my discomfort is a symptom of the Search for Meaning. In which case, help me with this:

What is it that gives meaning to our lives?

I’m genuinely interested in how you, dear reader, would answer that question.  Do you feel adrift – slightly out of kilter with the world – or do you feel settled?

What gives you a sense of “rightness?” A sense of “I’m exactly where I need to be?” I’m most intrigued to hear your thoughts!

Tomorrow: something lighter. Almost certainly involving animals. We’re due some animals.


2 comments on “How do you know, where you go..?

  1. I used to feel more lost than found, but adventure’s help me feel like I am living!

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