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The inaugural meeting of the ‘Tibet Intrepid Team Southend’

Meeting convened on the tenth day of January, 2013 CE, Southend Central Library (because the pub, to everyone’s horror and consternation, was closed).

This follows a conversation with Tom from http://www.theadventurists.com who assured us that Everything is Possible.

Purpose of meeting: To create an Adventure, of Heffalumpian proportions.

Ingredients expedient to the expedition:

  • Buddhism
  • Tibet
  • Mountains and general ‘roof of world’ scenery
  • Steeped in culture
  • Respectful to local people, wildlife and the environment
  • Engaging directly with people we meet on the way

Nature of the venture:

  • Something challenging – sufficiently arduous to be unappealing to the lazy and soberly sane
  • But, preferably, not actually life-threatening or involving the use of special bags for ablution arrangements
  • Something that offers a reasonable likelihood of returning to Blighty with all extremities attached, in their correct location, and still mostly functioning
  • ‘Make it up as you go’ – arrive with a general idea of where we’re going, then let things happen
  • To follow Mallory’s vision in locating the elusive Abdominal Snowman (fitter cousin to the more angry Abominable.)

Funding:  Possibly sponsorship/selling non-vital organs (do we really need both eyes..? And what’s a spleen do, anyway?)

Next steps:

  • Buy some inspiring books – such as “Tibet Overland” – for info such as stops along the way where it might be possible to have a Proper Wash
  • Get advice, from people that have knowledge about Tibet, re sensitivities
  • All to consider the added value of going. What will our legacy be – to people and/or the environment?  Eg volunteering, awareness raising etc

The meeting was adjourned. All agreed on the Spiffingness of the possibility.


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