There’s a magic garden…

The entrance to the secret garden

There’s a magic garden

close to the office.

It’s no secret, but it is magic.

Step up to the wrought iron gates.

A proud breasted robin announces your arrival

with a fanfare.

The music is magic.

Nothing so beautiful could be ordinary.

Step through the gates.

Into a world of squirrels, song-birds and honeysuckle scents.

Lush flora embraces you.

Earthly aromas.

A flash of colour; a blue tit chirrups away.

The squirrels hop to lower branches to see who comes.

Do you bring them a gift?

Follow the worn path. Around the corner is a stream. Trickling through the green.

Space here to pause. To sit. To listen. To see.

You’re not in the world any more.

Not that world of cars, concrete and Civic duty.

Here’s the land of elves and faeries.

The honeysuckle is strongest here. Let it wash over you.

Be someone else, a while.

If you venture on…

You’ll come to the Dark Place.

Only the boldest explore this path.

Down it leads. Into the depths. To the bowels of the garden. The most secret place.

Take care on the steps.

They end at the lake.

From the top, it’s a pond: algae covered pond.

It’s not a pond.

It’s a lake. A dark lake.

Jenny lives here. Green is her hair.

Step too close; she’ll drag you to her lair!

Down into the depths.

Down, down and drowned.


Don’t take those steps.

If you’re not so bold.

If you don’t believe in magic.

Walk on past

and out of the park.

Out of the magic into the park. The tame park. The pretty park.

Eat your sandwich on a bench.

See a snowdrop peeping through.

The squirrels still watch you.

Do you give them a gift?


5 comments on “There’s a magic garden…

  1. Beautiful!!!

    • Thank you. It’s a lovely place. I feel I’m entering a different world whenever I step in there. It’s had that effect on me as far back as I can remember. It’s a tiny place. And huge. šŸ™‚

  2. Is that the one on East Street, before Priory Park? It’s been years since I’ve been there.

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