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A dream so vivid

Sometimes I wake in the night And I remember The sadness washes over me As I remember why I don’t laugh any more why I don’t feel any more The darkness washes over me And I remember the warmth of a hand holding mine. As the birds start to sing It’s time to forget once […]

Notice the Night Noises

I have a nightly ritual these days. Before retiring, I have a need to sit in contemplation, for some while, in the Throne Room. All isn’t quite operating as it should. I blame the amoebas of Thailand. I’m sure normal operations will resume. In time. The Throne Room (which does also house a bath, along […]

Blood in Benin; a story about diversity in the workplace

As you’ll know if you read my blog; one of the ways I’m distracting myself from doing nothing at the moment is by learning about the arts. The current topic is about what happened when European and African cultures met – specifically when the people of Benin met the Portuguese and then the British – […]

When the warm is gone

I feel the cold nowadays. The sun doesn’t warm As it did. I layer up the shields to keep the cold from whipping the heat my heart makes But the warmth leaves me always And isn’t renewed Escaping to the air Leaving me numb.

Awake on a rock

It’s two ay em. Time’s a funny thing I sit. I age as I hurtle through space. I should sleep Why sleep? Must I sleep as I hurtle through space on a rock that bends time and I age As I sit not asleep. Time’s a funny thing.

Single Rose Blooming

Some thoughts for unpaired people on this day for pairs; There isn’t someone for everyone. People can lead fulfilling lives as standalone entities. Being alone is a viable choice. I wish someone had shared such wisdom with me 20 years ago. It would have saved a good deal of bother for a lot of people. […]

Tips for mental wellbeing.

This evening, I’ve mostly been chain-eating corn thins. (For the uninitiated, they’re like rice cakes, but with extra cardboard.) Well, it’s been a busy week, full of travelling – to exotic locations such as Newmarket, and Birmingham – so I felt the treat was deserved. It’s the small things, isn’t it? I had a bath […]

What happens to the people when we wake up?

I had a dream this morning about a man called Alan. He might be a real person, but he’s not anyone I’ve ever met. He owned nothing except the clothes he was wearing, and his motorcycle. A red motorcycle with Triumph written on the side. He didn’t have a crash helmet. He didn’t live anywhere. […]