And we danced in the storm

When I was small – four or five – I had a pale blue fairy dress. We didn’t have money; I only had the one party dress. I wore it all the time. When it thundered (how I loved the thunder, since my Grandad showed me that it was magnificent and not to be feared) I would put on my pale blue fairy dress and dance in the garden – getting soaked in the downpour. Sometimes, Mum would join me.

Happy mother’s day Mum. Thank you for my pale blue fairy dress.

The wind howls
To the spirits, the elm bows
I hearten, to hear the air
Passionate elementals out there
whipping through the wild
Beyond the window

I come to life when
the weather does its worst
I return to a time long past
when I danced in the storm
In a fairy gown of blue.


2 comments on “And we danced in the storm

  1. I love this, Dusty. So beautifully written. 🙂

  2. Thank you. I very much appreciate your kind comments. 🙂

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