Supporting Compassion in China

For updates on this situation, go to Care for Chinese Animals

China is rapidly becoming an immensely powerful nation. It would seem vital, therefore, that compassionate behaviour demonstrated by Chinese citizens receives international support.

There are, sadly, many stories of abuses to humans and other animals within China. So it gladdens my heart when I hear of people standing against such abuse – such as the volunteers of Care for Chinese Animals, who have recently been responsible for rescuing hundreds of who would otherwise have died in great suffering. Furthermore; it’s likely the young volunteers were also responsible for interfering with illegal activities. However, as we’ve seen before when people stick to their ethical beliefs; these young heroes have been arrested.

So today’s blog is a plea: to those that want to live in a compassionate world – stand with these noble volunteers of Shenyang, China. Please follow the link above (to CfCA’s blog) to read their call for support. You’ll see they ask us to contact our Ambassadors. If you would like a template for an email to your Ambassador, I’m happy for you to use any of my email below. (Although do amend it to ensure your message is personal.)

To help keep the young volunteers safe, I recommend any contacts made are polite and respectful.

Let the government of China know; the world is indeed watching.

For the attention of His Excellency Mr. Liu Xiaoming

Dear Ambassador,

I write to beseech you for your support for several young volunteers; recently arrested in Shenyang after attempting to interfere with the transport of dogs for food – dogs that they had good reason to suspect included stolen family pets. I understand that the young people are still in custody. The group they are a part of “Care for Chinese Animals” has asked the international community to contact our Ambassadors to request your help.

Residing in the UK, you will be likely be aware how seriously we take matters of animal welfare. It pleases me greatly to hear about young people in China showing so much compassion for those that have no voice. I have always believed that those who are kind to animals are also kind to their fellow human beings; such people are surely an asset to any nation. I believe these young volunteers showed great bavery and honour in standing up for what they believe to be right and just – namely that the dogs should not be suffering so, and that possible illegal activities should be correctly investigated. As the young people say on their blog site: “Our action is legal, based on love and repect of life!”

Here is the plea for support in the words of the volunteers:

“We are now desperately need your help to call the local Chinese embassy asking them to urge Chinese government to look into this matter. set free these volunteers. They are just doing something to protect the helpless and poor livings. They are not criminals but in the opposite they are the kindest youth and the hope of the country. They are fighting against the criminals. All this conflicts is a result of lack of animal protection law, which should be a serious matter that should have been looked into long time ago.”

I believe these volunteers have been heroic, and it seems unjust that they have been treated as criminals – especially as they may well have been involved in catching real criminals!

Further information about the people arrested, and the situation, can be found here: http://careforchineseanimals.net/2013/03/11/urgent-volunteers-need-your-help/

I sincerely hope you can make the time to look into this matter and help secure the freedom of these volunteers.

Yours respectfully,

Miss Sherry M E Fuller

Dogs in crate

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
Mahatma Gandhi


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  1. Thank you! xxx

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