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From the Journal of Eloise Ward

I blink, and the world is broken. Sickly misshapen trees, lamp posts toppled into the road, the tarmac split and oozing a foul black substance. I blink again, and I’m driving along the dual carriageway. The first crocuses brighten amongst the trees on the central reservation. The sun shines, the birds sing. This is how […]

Portrait of a Sunday Boot Sale

In the train station car park, aromas hang in the sunny (early) morning air; bacon, after-shave, strong perfume.  Oyster Catchers scream in the nature reserve beyond. Uber-friendly white Staffordshire Bull Terrier does her  best to give every passer-by a kiss; tail a blurred wag. DVDs £1. Books 40p. Recycling and bargain hunting; children’s toys, old […]

Bees in hats

Bees in woolly hats Long Johns on cats Hot water bottles for the rats When it’s as cold as all that