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The girl who had worms in her brain: Part 2 – Fairies of Tanzania, Goblins of Madagascar

The story begins in 2002, with my spotting an advert in the Big Issue magazine: Volunteers sought to spend three months supporting a small organisation working in Madagascar. Well, it’s been a while since my last adventure… The advert in the Big Issue pictured a lemur and invited the reader to Madagascar; a magical Lost […]


We’ll start today, dear readers, with a round up of events – for the good reason that today has been a Rather Interesting Day. It started out normal enough; me waking late with a body made of lead after a night rendered sleepless by virtue of two happy catlets (too old to be kittens, too […]

Southend Philosophy Group – Ethical People

Southend Philosophy Group Ethics and humanity – April 2013 meeting   This is a record of some of the things said at our most recent meeting. We explored whether humans are intrinsically good or evil – or whether such concepts are purely relational constructs – and how we decide what constitutes ‘correct’ behaviour. There was much […]

The girl who had worms in her brain: Part 1 – in the news again…

I’m in the papers again. To quote Dame Bassey; ‘it’s all just a little bit of history repeating.’ February, 2005: Well into recovery from a particularly nasty brain infection, I decided to thank the universe for my survival by fundraising for brain injury charity Headway Essex. I duly emailed a press release to my local […]