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‘What’s the difference between a duck?’ Proper job interview questions we all should use.

This is a guest blog. Content copied, entirely without permission or apology, because it made me laugh tears out of my nose. My friend and work colleague Phill Warren explains that when he finds himself staring at a blank sheet – needing to write, not knowing what to write – he just writes whatever’s in […]

The Debt Demons are Coming for You, Coming for You, Coming for You

It starts early. 7am. The shriek of the phone shocks you awake. A riot of sound, destroyer of peace. Menacing phone. Hated phone. Ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing shrieking and screaming and screaming and shrieking And screaming and screaming and screaming and SCREAMING! Wracking every nerve. If you answer, if you dare answer […]

On being rescued from shark infested waters

Have you noticed how much easier it is to give help than to receive it? I imagine this is due to the location of power in that relationship. It’s generally better to be in a position to help than to be in a position of needfulness. Most people would prefer, I’m sure, to be the […]


Today my snow globe broke. Scattering sparkles and shards of glass all over the bathroom floor. Sparkly bathroom floor. The last loo roll soaked. Drenched in snow globe innards. Today three letters came at once. Three letters with one message. The Order of Possession. It’s not unfair. It’s just the rules. Having a home is […]

I am not an empowered woman and nor do I wish to be.

I recently read a positive article about strong women. A positive article, which referenced my hero Xena, and which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. However, I noticed that my thoughts were hovering over the word empowerment. I’d always previously accepted this word, and indeed used it myself plenty of times – with the best of intentions, […]

Perhaps Salad and the Women of Nepal

I recently heard about Detroit Soup, a community micro-finance scheme, on BBC Radio 4. And I intend to try it out in my town; Southend. Perhaps not soup to start with. Perhaps salad. Detroit’s advice is to “Do the first one as an experiment. Grow slowly. Fail. Rethink possibilities. Think of this as a sincere […]