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Today my snow globe broke.
Scattering sparkles and shards of glass all over the bathroom floor.
Sparkly bathroom floor.
The last loo roll soaked.
Drenched in snow globe innards.

Today three letters came at once.
Three letters with one message. The Order of Possession.
It’s not unfair. It’s just the rules.
Having a home is a privilege.
You can’t keep what you struggle to afford.

Today I washed in cold water.
Money in the meter is eaten by the debt.
I don’t use the oven. There is no gas.
At least I’m helping to save the Earth.

Today the flat upstairs leaked.
The occupants showered and the ceiling
fell into the cat bowl.
I watched the kitchen rain.
As I have, on and off, over the years.

Today I worked my hours and then I worked some more
to make more work to make more money
to give away straight away
to the smiling grannies with plastic faces.
The kindly ladies in cardigans
know that debt is here to stay.

Today my snow globe broke.

And I cried.


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