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Why focus on Gaza when people suffer elsewhere?

When I’ve been standing up for animal rights, I’ve often been challenged with; but why are you standing up for dolphins, when what happens to farm animals is much worse? Why are you protesting at the circus when children are dying? This is happening with the Gaza situation too. Why are you making an issue […]

Israel, ‘do something amazing’ and replace violence with peace.

Another blogger wrote this in the comments for one of my pages. I felt she wrote beautifully and said good things, so I’ve posted it here. My favourite part is near the end. Please, please Israel, do something amazing. __________________________________ Wow, I appear to have moved onto an ostrich farm. Where all the ostriches can […]

Everything is justified, because Hamas

Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, you didn’t mention Hamas! Such is the cry that goes up whenever one sees an Israeli spokesperson on the news, or hears them on the radio. And, unsurprisingly, it’s been levelled at me in response to my blog about actions that people can take over the massacre in Gaza. It’s the cry […]