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To surviving another year

New Year is interesting.

In reality – just another day.

And also in reality, albeit with a greater degree of construction – there’s a new number on the calendar and a sense of New Beginnings. We can put the old year behind us and look forward to everything being different, and better, in the coming year. We have the hopeful expectation that none of the trials or tribulations (or our own mistakes or perceived failings) of the old year will be able to follow us into the next.

A wise man once said to me; there are no good or bad things. There are just things, and our response to them.

Optimism and a positive outlook definitely play an important role in wellbeing, and perhaps, as part of that optimism, we also need to acknowledge that, well…

…shit happens.

2016 will contain just as many ups and downs, achievements and disappointments as did 2015. But then “Wishing you a Resilient New Year!” or “May you Survive to See 2017!” greetings cards probably wouldn’t sell especially well.

All that to say… although I do hope you experience many moments of happiness during 2016, and that you finally get around to doing whatever it was you promised yourself you’d do last year (and, seriously, DO get on with it, and get on with it RIGHT NOW, because life is short and precious) what I mostly hope for you is more mindfulness and more acceptance.

May you savour more, find joy in small things, spend less money and instead spend more time in nature, and, when the inevitable sad or bad things happen, may you accept it’s not personal, it’s not bad karma, it’s not a punishment (unless it is – but hopefully then you’ll accept it as such, if you really did lift that onesie from Primark). It’s just bad stuff that can (and does) happen to anyone, and may you find the courage, strength and support that you need to get through.

There is no road to happiness. Happiness is found in little places all the way along the road.

Here’s mud in your eye.


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