The story of the siblings in the big house

I had a dream. It was quite interesting. It tells the story of a brother and sister. I need you to finish and/or flesh out the story for me. 

This is what happened.

There were a sister and a brother living together in a big house. I don’t know their names. The house was big. It stood alone on a grassy, windy moor. It had an upstairs and a downstairs with lots of rooms. In the entrance hallway, there was space enough to dance.

There were two stairways to the East and West of the house that led up to the attic. The attic was full of foreboding things. Whenever they walked past one of those stairways, they’d shudder and get goosebumps. They’d walk quickly past, with that prickly feeling in their back like someone was coming after them. I don’t know what things there were up in that attic, or whether any of those things were alive, but I know that just looking up one of those stairways, or touching the banister, would fill one with dread.

Because the house was so big, it was partitioned into two homes – front and back, rather than up and down. There were doors in the middle of the house that separated the dwellings. A noisy family lived in the back part of the big house. When the weather was nice, and the people wanted to open all the doors to let the air circulate, the homes were separated by blue plastic curtains – to mark territory and give some measure of privacy.

The sister and the brother mostly kept to their own rooms in their own parts of the big house and avoided one another. However, they both needed to look after the house. The sister – who was 16 with long yellow hair that she tied back in a pony tail – was serious and diligent. She liked everything to be tidy. The brother – who was several years younger and dark and small and quiet – was slow and forgetful. Perhaps he had lots of important things in his head to think about, and tended to forget about the reality in which his body lived.

One day, the sister noticed that the tall stately plants, that lived in two pots either side of the front door in the grand entrance hall, were dying. Her brother hadn’t watered them. She was angry about this. Very very angry. He never did the things he was meant to do.

She found him outside, readying his cart to go off somewhere or other. It was a magical cart and it knew its master. It waited patiently for him to load it up with bags. Ghosts flitted around the cart. They were friends of the brother and were going on the trip with him. As they always did.

The sister shouted at the brother. She raged. He stood quietly and absorbed her ire.

She was more angry than she’d ever been. Her wordless shout became so loud it shattered the windows in the house behind them. Masonry tumbled.

Her roar became so loud that all of reality disappeared, except for the sister, with her hair – tied back – flowing out behind her, and the brother – still and quiet, and the cart, with all the bags and belongings stowed upon it, and the ghosts – all floating in a black space. There may have been lightening.

And still she roared.

As she roared, she shifted shape – as she could, because both of them were magical – and became a snow white wolf. Her brother changed too, in an attempt to defend himself. He became a black sinuous dragon, like one might find in Chinese mythologies on Earth.

And still she roared.

She roared until she’d turned her brother to stone. A stone dragon. The ghosts around the cart swooped around their fallen master, bereft.

And still she roared.

There was a metallic clunk.

The cart fell back to the grassy moorland outside the house. And so did the brother. For it was he that had become metallic. All that remained of him was a pure gold dragon’s head.

The sister was human-shaped once more. The horror of her actions caught up with her. She cradled the golden head in her arms. And she cried.

And the dream ended.

Can you tell me more..?


3 comments on “The story of the siblings in the big house

  1. That’s quite an epic dream. I wouldn’t want to add anything, except maybe to explain a few details – how the girl managed to transform her brother and why she couldn’t change him back, maybe give some relevance to the noisy neighbours. Otherwise it’s great as it is.

    • Thank you. I was hoping people might interact with it and help build the story. I like the idea of it being the result of multiple imaginations. 🙂

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