#WhereDovesDie: Death on Gozo

They kill doves on Gozo. As on Malta. Any bird is a target. Tiny songbirds fall from the sky. On a walk around the coast …exclaiming at the diversity of plants, arthropods and lizards …pausing at the summits of hills to delight in a turquoise sea under an azure sky I notice an armchair, reached […]


We’ll start today, dear readers, with a round up of events – for the good reason that today has been a Rather Interesting Day. It started out normal enough; me waking late with a body made of lead after a night rendered sleepless by virtue of two happy catlets (too old to be kittens, too […]

If I were to take rat poison…

If I were to take rat poison, the walls of my blood vessels would break down. Blood would leak into my brain, into my organs. I would bleed to death internally, possibly over a day or three. I might carry on for a while, struggling to get around, feeling worse and worse. Eventually, I would […]

Supporting Compassion in China

For updates on this situation, go to Care for Chinese Animals China is rapidly becoming an immensely powerful nation. It would seem vital, therefore, that compassionate behaviour demonstrated by Chinese citizens receives international support. There are, sadly, many stories of abuses to humans and other animals within China. So it gladdens my heart when I […]

Song for a restless cat

What do you want, little feet? With your urgent chirrup and miaow wide eyes turned my way What do you want, little paws? What is so pressing, you need to say? Do you seek more from life, little paws? Perfect predator, lithe of limb Razor claws, tucked away Do you miss the hunt, little feet? […]

Notice the Night Noises

I have a nightly ritual these days. Before retiring, I have a need to sit in contemplation, for some while, in the Throne Room. All isn’t quite operating as it should. I blame the amoebas of Thailand. I’m sure normal operations will resume. In time. The Throne Room (which does also house a bath, along […]

Cycling Ferrets

Now, fear not, for I don’t plan to blog every day, but some things worthy of note (this being about nothing ever happening) occurred today. One being the successful bullying of a few work pals into signing up to a 75 mile bike ride (or at least, maybe, to a 10 mile training ride). So […]