Appreciative Inquiry

We’ll never be here again

I nearly didn’t go to the park today. The routine is: finish work, drive to Mum’s to collect dog, stop for a cuppa (with option on a ginger biscuit), have a chat, remark on Judge Rinder’s latest case (Judge Rinder having replaced McGyver as early evening viewing), stop dog bouncing long enough to attach lead, […]

Woman has spots. Chairs meeting anyway.

I have spots. They’ve been a part of my facial landscape since my teens. When aged about 13, a particularly spiteful Home Ec teacher (who I can only think took against me because of my incompetence around a Victoria Sponge) suggested to the class that spots like mine were the product of poor hygiene and […]

I am not an empowered woman and nor do I wish to be.

I recently read a positive article about strong women. A positive article, which referenced my hero Xena, and which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. However, I noticed that my thoughts were hovering over the word empowerment. I’d always previously accepted this word, and indeed used it myself plenty of times – with the best of intentions, […]

Tips for mental wellbeing.

This evening, I’ve mostly been chain-eating corn thins. (For the uninitiated, they’re like rice cakes, but with extra cardboard.) Well, it’s been a busy week, full of travelling – to exotic locations such as Newmarket, and Birmingham – so I felt the treat was deserved. It’s the small things, isn’t it? I had a bath […]

A week when several things happened

And so time ticks on. Days march past. Does anything happen..? Over the weekend – not so much. As per usual. Lots of sleeping. The week however, since the Fun With Power Cuts incident on Monday, was actually pretty full. Tuesday; Southend Philosophy Club. I set this up because a surprising amount of people are […]

Inspiring Younglings

A first for me today; working with younglings. Ages 11 – 13. Boisterous as puppies, one young comedian appended a ‘Kick Me!’ label to my back. Turns out that doesn’t just happen in the Simpsons. Said comedian informed me his name was Dickhead. So Dickhead’s what I called him, perfectly straight-faced, throughout my session. His […]