Letter to my MP; on occasion of the massacre in Gaza.

Dear Mr Amess MP, I write to you as my representative in Parliament and as someone that has shown compassion towards humanitarian causes in the past (I have previously written to you about the people of Tibet.) I appeal to you to represent my concerns about the ever worsening situation in Gaza. My appeals are that; […]

The ‘More then the Skin You’re In’ post

Yesterday, I invited people to share stories about what they love about themselves. This took place in my local high street – the event organised by the wonderful people at Southend Feminist Group (a particular shout out to Hayley and Fiona, and all the other group members involved. Me, I was just along for the […]

Adventures with Generous Publicans and Practical Christians

Sometimes, there’s too much too say for a status update or a tweet, and for such times were blogs invented. This evening, in the stead of eating (which is over-rated anyway, and, as it transpired, there did go on to be biscuits) I did two things; attended a meeting with the organisers of a forthcoming […]

On being rescued from shark infested waters

Have you noticed how much easier it is to give help than to receive it? I imagine this is due to the location of power in that relationship. It’s generally better to be in a position to help than to be in a position of needfulness. Most people would prefer, I’m sure, to be the […]

I am not an empowered woman and nor do I wish to be.

I recently read a positive article about strong women. A positive article, which referenced my hero Xena, and which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. However, I noticed that my thoughts were hovering over the word empowerment. I’d always previously accepted this word, and indeed used it myself plenty of times – with the best of intentions, […]

Perhaps Salad and the Women of Nepal

I recently heard about Detroit Soup, a community micro-finance scheme, on BBC Radio 4. And I intend to try it out in my town; Southend. Perhaps not soup to start with. Perhaps salad. Detroit’s advice is to “Do the first one as an experiment. Grow slowly. Fail. Rethink possibilities. Think of this as a sincere […]

Portrait of a Sunday Boot Sale

In the train station car park, aromas hang in the sunny (early) morning air; bacon, after-shave, strong perfume.  Oyster Catchers scream in the nature reserve beyond. Uber-friendly white Staffordshire Bull Terrier does her  best to give every passer-by a kiss; tail a blurred wag. DVDs £1. Books 40p. Recycling and bargain hunting; children’s toys, old […]

Supporting Compassion in China

For updates on this situation, go to Care for Chinese Animals China is rapidly becoming an immensely powerful nation. It would seem vital, therefore, that compassionate behaviour demonstrated by Chinese citizens receives international support. There are, sadly, many stories of abuses to humans and other animals within China. So it gladdens my heart when I […]

Blood in Benin; a story about diversity in the workplace

As you’ll know if you read my blog; one of the ways I’m distracting myself from doing nothing at the moment is by learning about the arts. The current topic is about what happened when European and African cultures met – specifically when the people of Benin met the Portuguese and then the British – […]

Tips for mental wellbeing.

This evening, I’ve mostly been chain-eating corn thins. (For the uninitiated, they’re like rice cakes, but with extra cardboard.) Well, it’s been a busy week, full of travelling – to exotic locations such as Newmarket, and Birmingham – so I felt the treat was deserved. It’s the small things, isn’t it? I had a bath […]