The ‘More then the Skin You’re In’ post

Yesterday, I invited people to share stories about what they love about themselves. This took place in my local high street – the event organised by the wonderful people at Southend Feminist Group (a particular shout out to Hayley and Fiona, and all the other group members involved. Me, I was just along for the […]

When the warm is gone

I feel the cold nowadays. The sun doesn’t warm As it did. I layer up the shields to keep the cold from whipping the heat my heart makes But the warmth leaves me always And isn’t renewed Escaping to the air Leaving me numb.

Single Rose Blooming

Some thoughts for unpaired people on this day for pairs; There isn’t someone for everyone. People can lead fulfilling lives as standalone entities. Being alone is a viable choice. I wish someone had shared such wisdom with me 20 years ago. It would have saved a good deal of bother for a lot of people. […]

Grey and lovely!

Finally! The snow reaches Southend!