Random musings

To surviving another year

New Year is interesting. In reality – just another day. And also in reality, albeit with a greater degree of construction – there’s a new number on the calendar and a sense of New Beginnings. We can put the old year behind us and look forward to everything being different, and better, in the coming […]

We’ll never be here again

I nearly didn’t go to the park today. The routine is: finish work, drive to Mum’s to collect dog, stop for a cuppa (with option on a ginger biscuit), have a chat, remark on Judge Rinder’s latest case (Judge Rinder having replaced McGyver as early evening viewing), stop dog bouncing long enough to attach lead, […]

A post by an Hysterical Woman. In which she says both Fuck and Bollocks.

That’s twice this week it’s been suggested I’ve been over-emotional. Once for complaining about NGO Save the Rhino having a policy of supporting trophy hunting, because I believe someone calling themselves Save the Rhino ought to be saving rhinos, and again when I posted an – admittedly upsetting – film clip of two former battery chickens […]

Woman has spots. Chairs meeting anyway.

I have spots. They’ve been a part of my facial landscape since my teens. When aged about 13, a particularly spiteful Home Ec teacher (who I can only think took against me because of my incompetence around a Victoria Sponge) suggested to the class that spots like mine were the product of poor hygiene and […]

The Comfort of the Reaper Man. An ode to a Hero.

Reading material for a life-threatening illness..? Terry Pratchett’s Reaper Man – a tale about Death getting cheesed off with death and putting his talent with a scythe to use as a farm-hand named Bill Door – wouldn’t seem an obvious choice to cheer up someone fearing death. Nonetheless, when I was ailing in Southend Hospital […]

The girl who had worms in her brain: interlude

There’s this thing that happens. I suspect it’s a universal law. I only find stuff when I’m looking for other stuff. Recently, I found my passport when looking for a dongle, and found the dongle when looking for a printer driver. (I’m yet to turn up the printer driver.) This is likely to be connected […]

‘What’s the difference between a duck?’ Proper job interview questions we all should use.

This is a guest blog. Content copied, entirely without permission or apology, because it made me laugh tears out of my nose. My friend and work colleague Phill Warren explains that when he finds himself staring at a blank sheet – needing to write, not knowing what to write – he just writes whatever’s in […]


We’ll start today, dear readers, with a round up of events – for the good reason that today has been a Rather Interesting Day. It started out normal enough; me waking late with a body made of lead after a night rendered sleepless by virtue of two happy catlets (too old to be kittens, too […]

Portrait of a Sunday Boot Sale

In the train station car park, aromas hang in the sunny (early) morning air; bacon, after-shave, strong perfume.  Oyster Catchers scream in the nature reserve beyond. Uber-friendly white Staffordshire Bull Terrier does her  best to give every passer-by a kiss; tail a blurred wag. DVDs £1. Books 40p. Recycling and bargain hunting; children’s toys, old […]

Searching for the sea

This afternoon Lexi and I were chased by snow devils; whipping, whirling, speeding over the field. Approaching like a row of revenge-seeking ghosts, enveloping us in coldness, stinging exposed skin. Lexi’s immune to such snow sprites mind, thanks to a Lapland-strength undercoat, so their icy efforts were lost on her. We’ve had a wintery flurry […]