Sporting endeavours

Mpongwe and the Mumba Mosaic project. Day two: jigsaws, netball and running with dust.

And on the second day we persevered with mosaic making. Lead artist Mara crafted the eagle that forms the centre piece. Helpers tiled around the main hand image. It’s looking something like this… (photo credit: Rosemary Cunningham – who’s also blogging. Go have a butchers.) Now, although lots of fun is to be had sifting […]

Why a marathon for Mental Health

Mental health isn’t a sexy topic. Organisations that support people with mental health problems don’t get the same level of exposure as (for eg) cancer, children’s or animal welfare charities. This reflects how mental health is viewed in society. Despite poor mental health affecting nearly everyone at some point in their lives, people with mental […]

Team Honk and the Joy of Run

I couldn’t run, but then I did. Once you do a thing, you become motivated to keep doing the thing. So it seems to me, anyway. My next running challenge takes place on 26 January 2014. It’s quite exciting. I’ll be joining a charity relay team running (swimming, cycling and, in some cases, taking the […]

The hippo and the cheetah

In 17 days’ time, I run 10k. If you want to know why, look here.  Last night, already aching from heavy lifting at the gym the previous day, I took to the seafront to practice. I was slow. Lumbering. My body felt heavy. Layered up against the cold, I overheated quickly. Not wanting my woolly […]

Thanks to a stubborn 9 year old

When I was nine, I taught myself to swim. In the outdoor, unheated, full of dead flies (I used to rescue the live ones) primary school pool. It’s possibly my earliest victory over ideas of ‘can’t’.  Although this was ostensibly a swimming ‘lesson’, I don’t recall any teaching happening. We were pretty much left to […]

Cycling Ferrets

Now, fear not, for I don’t plan to blog every day, but some things worthy of note (this being about nothing ever happening) occurred today. One being the successful bullying of a few work pals into signing up to a 75 mile bike ride (or at least, maybe, to a 10 mile training ride). So […]