Redundancy Diaries #1

30 June. Nine weeks till lift off. I hear you’re leaving [sad pouting pity face] so sorry to hear that. What will you do..? This question is posed daily. Usually in the lift. Usually by someone I sort of know in passing but who doesn’t know me in the slightest. I ought to have cards […]

Unhappy birthday to me

Had a birthday at the weekend. Woo hoo. Don’t mean to be ungrateful. People were nice. Gave hugs, wished Happy Birthday, bought me a pint, spent time with me, got me cards. I’m alive to see 44. Lots of people aren’t. All that. It’s four and a half years since I started this blog. Ostensibly […]

The Sadness Werewolf

I’ve a secret. I’m a lycanthrope. On the outside, I’m a (fairly) normal seeming middle-aged woman. Gregarious, witty, beloved by many. Inside, however, I’m composed almost entirely from sadness. I’ve spent a lifetime wrapping myself in silver – layers upon layers of protection; protection for myself from the sadness inside and from the external prompts […]

Tempus fugit

The analogue clock on my kitchen wall – cat-shaped with a pendulum tail – reads quarter to six. It’s been quarter to six for about six months. I’ve not gotten around to changing the batteries, in the same way I don’t get around to much of anything. So it’s perpetually quarter to six, no matter […]

We are all broken

A friend posted on Facebook recently that they worried about being too broken to love. I’ve been reflecting on this. To my mind, only a few types of people in this world aren’t broken. You might not be broken if… you’re five, and experiencing a contented childhood you’re amazingly fortunate to have lived a life […]

The story of the siblings in the big house

I had a dream. It was quite interesting. It tells the story of a brother and sister. I need you to finish and/or flesh out the story for me.  This is what happened. There were a sister and a brother living together in a big house. I don’t know their names. The house was big. […]

I don’t want to bomb Syria. I am not a terrorist sympathiser. I can think beyond 1 and 0.

I continue to have suspicions that humans are in fact sophisticated (or praps *not* so sophisticated) artificial intelligences. As a species, we seem to need things to be ones or zeros, and struggle with complexity. “If you’re against bombing ISIS, it means you support ISIS.” No. Firstly, it’s not going to be ‘bombing ISIS’, it’s […]

Mpongwe and the Mumba Mosaic project; days 6 and 7 – Girls can be strong, marriages can be happy

Last night there was a small, dark blue, dragonfly in my room. As I moved to capture her, I could feel the draft her tiny wings produced. Such an appreciable effect from such a tiny, fragile creature… Three days skipped by. Day five was mostly uneventful, so I’ll recap six and seven. Backwards. Day seven… […]

Mpongwe and the Mumba Mosaic project, Day Three: Legends, adventures and the tragedy of poaching

Mwabuka Mwani! Good morning to you! Writing about Thursday on Saturday, having spent most of Friday sleeping off some manner of malaise (likely heat/lack of sleep induced) that seems to have corrected itself now. So today (day three – stay with me) we had a break from work. (I’ve only worked two days, but the […]

Mpongwe and the Mumba Mosaic project. Day one: zombies, beginnings and learning about school.

Got here Monday night. Mildly delirious from being up for 40 hours. (Can’t sleep on planes.) If you’re interested in such things, my aerial film choices: Ironman 3 – meh ** What we do in the shadows – amusing in places *** Terminator Genisys – surprisingly, disappointingly, dull * Spy – hilarious. Especially Jason Statham’s […]