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#WhereDovesDie: Death on Gozo

They kill doves on Gozo. As on Malta. Any bird is a target. Tiny songbirds fall from the sky. On a walk around the coast …exclaiming at the diversity of plants, arthropods and lizards …pausing at the summits of hills to delight in a turquoise sea under an azure sky I notice an armchair, reached […]

A post by an Hysterical Woman. In which she says both Fuck and Bollocks.

That’s twice this week it’s been suggested I’ve been over-emotional. Once for complaining about NGO Save the Rhino having a policy of supporting trophy hunting, because I believe someone calling themselves Save the Rhino ought to be saving rhinos, and again when I posted an – admittedly upsetting – film clip of two former battery chickens […]

Why focus on Gaza when people suffer elsewhere?

When I’ve been standing up for animal rights, I’ve often been challenged with; but why are you standing up for dolphins, when what happens to farm animals is much worse? Why are you protesting at the circus when children are dying? This is happening with the Gaza situation too. Why are you making an issue […]

Supporting Compassion in China

For updates on this situation, go to Care for Chinese Animals China is rapidly becoming an immensely powerful nation. It would seem vital, therefore, that compassionate behaviour demonstrated by Chinese citizens receives international support. There are, sadly, many stories of abuses to humans and other animals within China. So it gladdens my heart when I […]