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To surviving another year

New Year is interesting. In reality – just another day. And also in reality, albeit with a greater degree of construction – there’s a new number on the calendar and a sense of New Beginnings. We can put the old year behind us and look forward to everything being different, and better, in the coming […]

She wears colourful jumpers

She still wears colourful jumpers. She likes to watch Columbo in the afternoons. In the evenings, she watches Cops and delights when the bad guys get tasered. She wants pancakes for breakfast. She talks about the caravan holidays we used to take in Great Yarmouth. She laughs as she recalls that photo of us with comedy […]

Tips for mental wellbeing.

This evening, I’ve mostly been chain-eating corn thins. (For the uninitiated, they’re like rice cakes, but with extra cardboard.) Well, it’s been a busy week, full of travelling – to exotic locations such as Newmarket, and Birmingham – so I felt the treat was deserved. It’s the small things, isn’t it? I had a bath […]