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Time slowed

Every day lasts a thousand years when your heart is heavy with sadness. No blue sky, bird song nor flittering butterfly can bring respite. Choose happiness! they say. Take joy in mindful moments! they say. Just. Try. Harder. I reach out for a moment, however small it eludes me. Sorrow’s anchor remains firmly chained to my […]

Where the frogs dance

I stand naked in the dark. Earth beneath my feet. Raindrops, falling hard, raise goosebumps on my arms. I sigh, shiver at their caress. Water drips from eyebrows, nose, fingers; cascades from the tips of my loosed hair. I breathe deeply, exhaling steam, surrendering my warmth to the night. The sky flashes, magnesium bright. A […]

The Debt Demons are Coming for You, Coming for You, Coming for You

It starts early. 7am. The shriek of the phone shocks you awake. A riot of sound, destroyer of peace. Menacing phone. Hated phone. Ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing shrieking and screaming and screaming and shrieking And screaming and screaming and screaming and SCREAMING! Wracking every nerve. If you answer, if you dare answer […]


Today my snow globe broke. Scattering sparkles and shards of glass all over the bathroom floor. Sparkly bathroom floor. The last loo roll soaked. Drenched in snow globe innards. Today three letters came at once. Three letters with one message. The Order of Possession. It’s not unfair. It’s just the rules. Having a home is […]

Bees in hats

Bees in woolly hats Long Johns on cats Hot water bottles for the rats When it’s as cold as all that

And we danced in the storm

When I was small – four or five – I had a pale blue fairy dress. We didn’t have money; I only had the one party dress. I wore it all the time. When it thundered (how I loved the thunder, since my Grandad showed me that it was magnificent and not to be feared) […]

Song for a restless cat

What do you want, little feet? With your urgent chirrup and miaow wide eyes turned my way What do you want, little paws? What is so pressing, you need to say? Do you seek more from life, little paws? Perfect predator, lithe of limb Razor claws, tucked away Do you miss the hunt, little feet? […]

A dream so vivid

Sometimes I wake in the night And I remember The sadness washes over me As I remember why I don’t laugh any more why I don’t feel any more The darkness washes over me And I remember the warmth of a hand holding mine. As the birds start to sing It’s time to forget once […]

When the warm is gone

I feel the cold nowadays. The sun doesn’t warm As it did. I layer up the shields to keep the cold from whipping the heat my heart makes But the warmth leaves me always And isn’t renewed Escaping to the air Leaving me numb.

Awake on a rock

It’s two ay em. Time’s a funny thing I sit. I age as I hurtle through space. I should sleep Why sleep? Must I sleep as I hurtle through space on a rock that bends time and I age As I sit not asleep. Time’s a funny thing.