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The story of the siblings in the big house

I had a dream. It was quite interesting. It tells the story of a brother and sister. I need you to finish and/or flesh out the story for me.  This is what happened. There were a sister and a brother living together in a big house. I don’t know their names. The house was big. […]

The girl who had worms in her brain: hospital diary

Written – as a record of my symptoms (for the doctors) – whilst being treated in the Royal London hospital, 2004. Gives a flavour of what it’s like to experience a mild brain injury. These are my own, unedited, words – as scribbled on the back of notes I’d been given about my condition. After […]

Ancients of the Congo

Another story that presented itself as a dream (on Thursday night: sketched it out before it faded, had time today to give it flesh). It’s a moment in time from a much larger tale. What happened before and what happens next, I don’t know – perhaps you have some ideas? The characters named themselves. “Tanza’s […]

Notice the Night Noises

I have a nightly ritual these days. Before retiring, I have a need to sit in contemplation, for some while, in the Throne Room. All isn’t quite operating as it should. I blame the amoebas of Thailand. I’m sure normal operations will resume. In time. The Throne Room (which does also house a bath, along […]

What happens to the people when we wake up?

I had a dream this morning about a man called Alan. He might be a real person, but he’s not anyone I’ve ever met. He owned nothing except the clothes he was wearing, and his motorcycle. A red motorcycle with Triumph written on the side. He didn’t have a crash helmet. He didn’t live anywhere. […]


at the end. Stories contain the past the future and are always only now. Stories start any time, any where. Unexpectedly. They can even start