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Mpongwe and the Mumba Mosaic project; days 6 and 7 – Girls can be strong, marriages can be happy

Last night there was a small, dark blue, dragonfly in my room. As I moved to capture her, I could feel the draft her tiny wings produced. Such an appreciable effect from such a tiny, fragile creature… Three days skipped by. Day five was mostly uneventful, so I’ll recap six and seven. Backwards. Day seven… […]

Mpongwe and the Mumba Mosaic project, Day Three: Legends, adventures and the tragedy of poaching

Mwabuka Mwani! Good morning to you! Writing about Thursday on Saturday, having spent most of Friday sleeping off some manner of malaise (likely heat/lack of sleep induced) that seems to have corrected itself now. So today (day three – stay with me) we had a break from work. (I’ve only worked two days, but the […]

Mpongwe and the Mumba Mosaic project. Day one: zombies, beginnings and learning about school.

Got here Monday night. Mildly delirious from being up for 40 hours. (Can’t sleep on planes.) If you’re interested in such things, my aerial film choices: Ironman 3 – meh ** What we do in the shadows – amusing in places *** Terminator Genisys – surprisingly, disappointingly, dull * Spy – hilarious. Especially Jason Statham’s […]